Contravision Vinyl

Contravision Vinyl

Contravision, also referred to as “One Way Vision” vinyl is a perforated vinyl that is used to brand glass panels of shop fronts, offices and other business areas.

If you have large glass panels in your business and don’t have to display products in your window then contravision is a great option for you. It allows your shop front to stand out and makes a dramatic showcase for your products and services.

The printable side of contravision is white and the adhesive side is black. Any image can be printed onto it which is visible from the exterior but when viewed from the interior, you see through the vinyl.

When choosing an image for large panels, it’s important to use high resolution designs and pictures so that the overall image quality is crisp and clear.

Is contravision really one way vision vinyl?

It is possible to see through it if you concentrate. It’s more of an optical illusion and depends on the direction of the light source. If the interior lights are brighter than

the exterior (e.g at night) then it’s easier to see through the contravision.

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