advertising-playerOur stand alone digital advertising players allow businesses to convert an existing TV or spare monitor into an advertising or information system.

Applications of digital advertising players

Setting up an advertising player in your business allows you to turn receptions & other areas into a place to give your customers and staff vital information in an engaging way by using animations, videos, music & pictures.

This unit is commonly used in the following ways:

Business Receptions – Display information about policies & procedures in the company.

Hotels – Use this system to display information to their guests on the screens in lobbies and on their information channels in each room.

What are the benefits of using a digital advertising player?

  • Save Money – It is economical as you don’t have to spend money on a display if you have an available TV or monitor. It has VGA, AV (Red, Yellow & White Connectors) or HDMI output.
  • Multiple Displays – The content can be displayed on multiple screens by using a VGA splitter.
  • Create you own content – by using powerpoint you can create slides. The unit also plays music, pictures & videos.
  • Easy Updates – The system can be updated easily by using a USB Drive.
  • Convenience – The unit can be set to automatically turn on and off each day.
  • Safety – A password can be set to ensure that content is not changed maliciously.

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