Chromadek signs are the most common and economical type of metal sign. Chromadek signs are made from a weather resistant, epoxy coated sheet metal. Most people are familiar with it commonly being used in the construction of carports.

Chromadek Signs Without Bracing

We apply vinyl onto the white side of the chromadek and the sign is then fitted to a wall or other rigid structure. This is a popular option for small scale signs such as parking, notice signs etc.
 Chromadek Signs

Chromadek Signs with bracing

Depending on the requirements, larger chromadek signs are fitted onto a framework to prevent warping and ensures that it can be braced effectively against strong wind. When fitting a framework onto chromadek, we add an aluminium beading around the edges which gives the sign a clean and professional look as it conceals all the screws, pop rivets and other fittings.

Chromadek sign with framework

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