We offer label printing services in Durban and specialize in short runs of labels, stickers, vinyl decals & packaging prototypes for various industries.

Digital Label Printing & Cutting

Our labels are digitally printed and cut so there’s no need to make printing plates per colour or cutting dies. This allows our customers to make labels according to their requirements so they don’t outlay money for quantities they don’t require. Since there’s no minimum order quantity, this makes our labels ideal for packaging prototypes and small businesses.

The labels are also fairly weather resistant and can get wet without damage. We can even UV coat them for you if required.

Label Design

Apart from printing , we also offer label design as part of our service offering. Alternatively you can send your designs to us for printing in any of the following formats:

  • cdr – Corel
  • pdf – Adobe Reader
  • ai – Adobe Illustrator
  • psd – Photoshop
This is not an exhaustive list; send us an email if you would like to query a file format.
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