Aluminium sign with vinyl details spaced off the wall

Aluminium signs are a popular option for corporate and larger businesses. It’s not as economical as Chromadek signs but are more rigid and have a professional look to them.

There are various types of aluminium signs. Common requested finishes are brushed, anodized or sprayed to colour. Brushed aluminium has a uniformly scratched surface while anodized has a lighter colour than standard aluminium. A good example of an anodized surface is aluminium window frames and doors.

We can laser cut the sheet metal to any required shape and a popular request is to have the metal spaced off the wall with pins which gives the sign a drop shadow effect. (Very Classy)

Here are some examples of laser cut aluminium signs that we’ve done.


Fabrication / 3D Signs

Aluminium sheets are laser cut according to your logo or lettering, the sides are bent to shape and welded in place to produce a 3D effect. Each element is individually fabricated and sprayed to colour. An alternative option that’s easier on your pocket is to fabricate with perspex instead of aluminium which produces the same effect at a lower price.

Building Fascia Signage

Modular Sign Systems

These systems are most often used in public places such as hospitals, airports and malls as their directional/way finding solution. It comprises aluminium profiles of different sizes that snap together with plastic inserts.

Etched Aluminium Signs

These signs are tamper proof as the lettering is acid etched into the metals surface and is ideal for public areas where vinyl is generally peeled off by the visitors.

Acid Etched Sign

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