Light Boxes

Light BoxSignage Kings offers light box manufacturing and maintenance services in the Greater Durban area.

Manufacturing Services

We manufacture all types of light boxes so whether you’re looking for perspex, pvc banner, double sided or even fabricated 3D light boxes, we can assist you.

What type of light boxes are there?


Standard light boxes use either fluorescent tubes or LEDs for internal illumination. The boxes are generally made from aluminium and have a perspex or PVC banner face which allows light to pass through it. The vinyl is applied to the perspex or digitally printed on the banner material depending on the clients requirements.

Fabricated / 3D

The lettering or logo of these illuminated signs are made by shaping perspex so that they give a 3D effect. This effect can be applied to the perspex face of standard light boxes or the fabricated elements are manufactured and each letter in illuminated internally.

Maintenance Services

There’s nothing worse than having a sign that is badly illuminated due to malfunctioning components or untidy due to it’s age. Therefore apart from manufacturing light boxes we also renovate and repair them as well, from changing damaged¬†fluorescent tubes to refurbishing old light boxes to make them look good as new, we will assist you in maintaining your companies image.

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