We offer banner printing and design services to cater for individual and corporate needs. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party or coordinating a marketing campaign, we can assist you.

What type of banner printing is best for me?

Depending on the environment that the banner will be used in, we offer the following banner printing options:

X-Frame / Spider banner stands are used when you need to change banners on the same stand regularly. This is an economical option for free standing banners and is ideal for event co-ordinators, party & wedding planners.

Roll Up Banner Stands are more steady than the X-frame stand, can be setup & dismantled faster and with less effort as the banner rolls back into the mechanism. This type of stand is good for informational banners but excercise caution when using it for short term promotional marketing as it’s more difficult, but not impossible, to change the banner.

Banners with Eyelets should be used when the banner will be secured using nylon rope or cable ties. An eyelet is basically a hole that’s punched into the corners that allows it to be tied in place.

Banners on hanging systems will generally be used to secure a banner to the ceiling so that it’s suspended. These hanging systems are generally used by retailers.

Custom size banners range in sizes but are generally 1370mm wide and can go up to 50m in length. The width can be increased by welding PVC pieces together to suit your requirements. Eyelets are generally used to secure these banners.

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